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ISBN: 9780143530138

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Chloe Cartwright is an eccentric yet brilliant prize-winning writer, who has always been more focused on political causes than cooking a wholesome meal for her family.

Her daughter, Hannah, has never been much good at anything – other than shoplifting, that is.  Hannah lacks direction and scrambles through life, before falling, almost by chance, into a successful career as partner to one of Cape Town’s leading chefs.

Life is looking good – until Chloe’s behaviour becomes even more irrational than usual …

Is Hannah imagining it?  Or is something terribly wrong?

Both delightfully readable and powerfully moving, Below Luck Level is the story of a daughter’s relationship with her mother and the unexpected challenges of caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s.


ISBN: 978-0143024859

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A novel about choice; the random decisions that determine the path that life will follow.

A story centred around three women who are likened in some way to the characteristics of various insects and are linked by their  discordant proportions.

Ann is too tall, a lanky mosquito of a girl, Sophie is too fat, a bee of royal proportions and Jacqueline is too small, the sensual firefly of the team.

The story moves through time and chronicles the  evolution of the women’s careers, relationships and lifestyles.

Told with compassion and humour, even with insects is a good choice for book clubs.


ISBN: 9780620403979

Chameleon is a story about the private face behind a public image.

Leigh Franklin has it all – looks, brains and a marriage to one of Cape Town’s most successful stockbrokers. Ever the perfect wife, she exchanges her own blossoming career as a forex and hedge fund trader to become the perfect mother to her adored daughter.

She struggles to maintain her up-market profile as she is forced to face the consequences of both white-collar crime and an unwanted pregnancy.


ISBN: 9780143024484

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‘They think I’m perfect when they see me cry.  I cry on cue.  I move my arms and legs.  My fingers and my toes both add up to ten.  Their specialists tick all the columns on their rating scale.  They won’t find out.  None of the tests they run will show my secret.  My subtle imperfection will complicate the lives of everyone who loves me.’

Kaeidoscope describes the impact of an autistic child on the already stressed relationship between two very different sisters.

Claire’s an actuary.  Kate’s an actor.  Each is secretively resentful of what the other has achieved.

It takes the birth of a complicated baby to show them what they have in common.

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